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Cannabis: 90% of California Products Have Mold, Pesticides…

“We sometimes see 20 or 30 percent of our samples coming through the lab significantly contaminated with molds,” said Dr. Donald Land of Steep Hill Laboratories in Berkeley. But after sampling from 20 dispensaries across California and analyzing the cannabis down to its DNA, Land is quoted as saying he was shocked to find “ninety percent of those samples had something on them. Some DNA of some pathogen.”

Are you a California cannabis patient?

You want to be certain your medicine is safe?

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California does not yet require testing of cannabis offered in dispensaries. And frankly, the majority of dispensary owners do not care. They must move their product. Rarely do they know where the cannabis they inventory came from or who the real grower was. Cannabis brokers supply the bulk of the product to cannabis dispensary owners.

It’s been reported that 90%+ of California cannabis tested positive for pesticides, toxins, chemicals of some kind…

Do you really want to ingest poisons into your body?

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Cannabis test lab Anresco reported 80%+ of cannabis provided by California dispensaries and growers tested positive for mold, fungus, pesticides, chemicals, bacteria and/or other toxins of all kinds!


Even worse, these toxins typically appear in cannabis extracts one thousand times+ the concentration usually found in food for human consumption!

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